Charlize Theron Says Baklava is The Best Thing She Ever Tasted

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Mentions between Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron and Netflix Turkey,  made baklava producers in Turkey excited.  The famous actress Charlize Theron played the role of ‘’Andy’’ in a Netflix movie ‘’The Old Guard’’.  Turkish Twitter page of Netflix shared a scene from the movie which Charlize Theron tastes baklava, one of the most popular Traditional Turkish desserts, and said ‘’afiyet olsun’’, which means ‘’enjoy your meal’’ in Turkish.  As a reply, Charlize Theron tweeted ‘’Best thing I’ve ever tasted. Heard they have the best at Gaziantep’’. After this tweet, baklava makers in Gaziantep were excited and Charlize Theron was even invited to Gaziantep to taste the most delicious  Baklava in the world.  Charlize Theron was right about her thoughts on Baklava, Gaziantep is the place where people make the best baklava in Turkey.

The Excitement Of Baklava Producers

                After the traditional dessert which they embrace proudly is admired by one the most famous actresses of the world, baklava producers in Gaziantep became very excited. Ufuk Sagluge, one of the baklava producers in Gaziantep said that, ‘’as the baklava masters of Gaziantep, we do our job in a passionate way. We are proud of producing our traditional dessert. We want to offer baklava to the entire squad of film in Gaziantep.’’ ‘’Gaziantep Baklava baklava is a global brand of Turkey.

Baklava makers were not the only people who were excited after Theron’s comments about the traditional dessert. Mayor of Gaziantep, Fatma Şahin reminded that at  the ceremony of Academy Awards 2019, baklava was on the menu, and invited Charlize Theron to Gaziantep.

Both Theron and Baklava Producers Are Right

                We can say that Charlize Theron and baklava masters of Gaziantep are right about their thoughts on baklava. Baklava is one of the most delicious desserts of the world and you can find the best baklava in the Gaziantep area.  Turkey has many traditional desserts but baklava is the by far the most renowned dessert of the country. It should be made by the masters and all steps in the making of baklava should be followed in a careful way. The quality of peanuts, the  intensity of the sherbet, the dough and many factors affect the taste of baklava. Therefore, people who ate baklava in Gaziantep say, it is impossible to find a baklava in another place of the world like the ones they ate in Gaziantep.



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