Fusion Evil Eye – Blown Glass (Blue Evil Eye Hand)

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On Grandbazaarist, you can look around and find different products of Turkish culture. For example, Fusion Evil Eye – Blown Glass (Blue Evil Eye Hand) is about Turkish folklore. If you have an evil eye in your house, you are far away from bad luck. As you know the culture itself evolves every day. For example, this evil eye is a great modern rearrangement of the evil eye. You can order it online from Turkey.

A Modern Approach: Even if the evil eye hand is an Eastern cultural object, the other design patterns of this evil eye are in accordance with the modern taste of art.

Evil Eye Hand, Vanguard of Abundance: In Eastern culture, the evil eye hand is the symbol of abundance. So, you will be able to both have the symbol of abundance and the object of good luck. This is a win-win.

An Essential Souvenir From Turkey: When you place this evil eye in any place in your house, you will remember your sweet memories in Turkey. Remembrance is good.


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Fusion Evil Eye Blown Glass Blue Evil Eye Hand
Fusion Evil Eye – Blown Glass (Blue Evil Eye Hand)

Out of stock