Sour Salt

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Sour Salt is an all-natural compound found in fruits and vegetables. It is crystalline and colorless. It is this compound that makes the taste of the fruits and vegetables it contains sour. It is one of the most preferred additives in kitchens. Usage areas can be ranged from pickling, pickled, jam, marmalade, syrup to home cleaning. Sour Salt, which also has a protective feature of foods, is also used to prevent blackening of fruits and vegetables. 60-100-250-500 and 1000 gr packages are available. You can safely order this unique product from

Warning: If you are allergic, it may react. There is no harm to health or environment. It may irritate your eyes and skin if touched. If you breathe vapor of citric acid dissolved in hot water or citric acid in powder form, your respiratory tract may be irritated.

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Sour Salt
Sour Salt
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