Tomato Paste 24.69oz 700g

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As Grand Bazaarist, we dedicate our mission to bring you the best, so we partnered up with Tukas since their Tomato Paste 24.69oz 700g is a great deal. Tomato is the main ingredient for many dishes. But it is hard to find the delicious and qualified one. How about a perfect substitute for your tomato search?  Tomato Paste 24.69oz 700g will fulfill what you have asked for:

Explore the naturality: Tomato Paste 24.69oz 700g is 100% natural with its elements and labor process. Tuska employees harvest tomatoes during summer that are grown with organic farms and gardens. Thanks to Turkey’s excellent summers, the tomatoes become ready just for the time.

From tomato to the paste: After the collection, they transform the tomatoes into a paste with their natural ingredients. The pastes are free additives. The product holds an also TSE-EN-ISO 22000 quality assurance system and, it has an International Food Standard certificate. So, you can make sure that the perfect option is this.

How to store: Store them in a cold place like the refrigerator. After using them, also do not forget to close the lid. Since it is an all-natural product, the air can cause molds. If mold happens, you can take that part with a spoon.

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Tomato Paste 24.69oz 700g