Tomato Soup 8.81oz 250g

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It is not a fairy tale wish to have a nutritious meal with easy preparation yet flavors. In the world of processed food, it might sound unachievable, but not, thanks to Tomato Soup 8.81oz 250g. You can now order this festive harvest of genuine tomatoes from Turkey. Grand Bazaarist will deliver anyplace you are.

  • Organic tomato is ready to serve: Yayla collected the best summer tomatoes during the hot summers of Turkey. With the hygienic technological methods, they put the tomatoes in this package in a soup.
  • Easy to drink and easy to be organic: Tomato Soup 8.81oz 250g does not contain trans-fat, colorant, or preservative materials. It is a real, authentic tomato soup with organic contents that are substantial.
  • It is not an instant soup: Do not mistake Tomato Soup 8.81oz 250g for instant soups. Because, unlike instant soup, Tomato Soup 8.81oz 250g does not welcome chemicals. Second, it is way faster to serve Yaya soup than instant soup. Heat it only for two minutes. And here is your soup. You are free to app water for your palate.


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Tomato Soup 8.81oz 250g