Arifoglu Willow Leaves 60 gr (2.12 oz)

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You should order now Arifoglu Willow Leaves 60 gr from Turkey. Why? It’s both an interesting and beneficial plant that you should keep its leaves in your house. The willow tree is the first painkiller in history. You would be surprised when you read the other effects of Willow leaves from Turkey. You should totally order now these willow leaves from Turkey.

The Main Ingredient Of Aspirin: The main ingredient of retro painkiller Aspirin is willow tree extract. Since Socrates, willow leaves are used as a painkiller. But it can cause stomach aches, too. It causes different effects on every metabolism.

Can Be Good For Eczema: Throughout history, people in Asia Minor used willow leaves to cure their eczema. If use willow leaves as a herbal tea by brewing it, it may decrease the effects of eczema.

Can Be Good For Diarrhea: Another well-known effect of willow leaf tea is to do good in the case of diarrhea. In other words, if you have diarrhea, you can try willow leaf tea to get rid of it.

Blood Thinner: Some people who are interested in alternative medicine use willow leaf as a blood thinner by brewing it as a tea. It could be a dangerous thing if you consume a lot.

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Arifoglu Willow Leaves 60 gr (2.12 oz)